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Good Morning!

... since we want you to have a good start into a great day, we have prepared a rich breakfast buffet for you.

Our breakfast contains delicacies such as

Delicious Hot Beverages of your choice

We serve an unique coffee – which is always freshly prepared and obtained from the small and exclusive coffee roasters “Speicherstadt Kaffee”. The variety “Guatemala Genuine Antigua” is among the world´s finest coffee brands...

On request, during the day we also serve capuccino, latte macchiato or milk coffee – from the popular “Nespresso” products.

From our 'Althaus Tee' selection, we offer a wide variety of exceptional teas: the current favorites are Persian Apple, Green Ginseng, Assam Meleng and Jasmine Ting Yuan…

Bread and Bread Rolls at their finest

For over 100 years, the “Bleichen-Baeckerei von Holdt” has been renowned for their fine bread products – they serve Hamburg´s best addresses.


In addition to crisp cereals, we offer our special muesli with fruit and chopped nuts – a most delicious mix of the best ingredients.

Fresh Produce

Whether it be meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables – our selection is always fresh and full of varieties…

Oh, what an Egg!

At will: we always keep a five minute boiled egg ready for you. Upon request, we are happy to prepare fresh scrambled eggs (surcharge 3,00 EUR).